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Ideal Protein Testimonials at
Miller Spinal Health & Wellness Center

Ideal Protein Changed the Way I Think About Eating

I started out this journey thinking it would be most likely the same as all other diets I had tried in the past. I was hesitant about the money the food would cost. In the last few months, I have realized how wrong I was. Ideal Protein has not only helped me shed 30 pounds, it has helped me change the way I think about eating and has helped me realize it’s a life change, not a diet. I was spending more money eating out during a week than I am spending on the program now.

Ideal Protein is so easy to follow. Unlike other diets I’ve been on, I am not hungry on this diet, and I’m eating healthier than ever before. My energy is up, I no longer experience acid reflux, my BMI is in normal range, and my blood pressure is normal. As a teacher, I was catching every germ my students brought to the classroom. Last year, from August to October, I had probably missed as a week due to illness. I am happy to say I have not missed one day this school year.

While I actually enjoy the food on Ideal Protein, what has helped make me most successful is Dr. Miller and his staff. Every single person in his office is encouraging and friendly and ready to celebrate my successes. Rhonda and Dr. Miller have helped me through times I would have normally eaten unhealthful foods because of stress. They have talked me through situations where I wanted to go back to my normal eating habits, such as when I attended a convention and my class reunion. Their suggestions kept me on track and showed me that I have power over my eating habits.

I am excited to transition to the next phase of the diet. I truly feel like I have taken control of my eating habits and my life.


Extremely Proud

When I decided to start this journey with Ideal Protein and Dr. Miller I was somewhat skeptical. No diet had ever worked for me. I was worried I would be wasting my money. After discussing my weight issues and hearing what the diet was about, I decided to go for it! I am so happy I did!

The first week on the diet was hard, I am not going to lie. I wanted to cheat so badly but I didn’t because I figured that would be a waste of money. I would be letting myself down like I had in the past. By week two the diet was much easier and now at week 14 I have never felt better! The food is surprisingly good, the compliments are nice, I sleep better, and I am a happier and more positive person. I enjoy getting out in public instead of hiding, but most of all I am extremely PROUD of myself.

At week 14 I am down from a 13/14 to a size 8/9. I went from an XL shirt to a Medium. It is an incredible feeling getting to shop for new clothes that I have worked so hard for! My wedding rings no longer fit and will have to be resized once my goal weight has been reached. My shoes even fit different! I have dropped 36.4 pounds and 33.5 inches as of week 14! I am 15 pounds to my goal! The employees at Dr. Miller’s office are amazing, they support you every bit of the way, which means a lot to me! I recommend this diet to everyone who asks me what I have been doing to lose weight and I will continue to recommend it!

~Brandy McClendon

Ideal Protein Testimonials at Miller Spinal Health & Wellness Center | (618) 997-8066