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7 Tricks to Improve Memory

Small changes in your lifestyle can help reduce your chances of memory loss. Memory tends to diminish with age. These are a few tips on how to prevent memory loss affecting your life.

  1. Diet
    • The type of food you eat is a crucial player in your memory
    • Fresh vegetables and healthy fats (ie: coconut oil) are essential
    • AVOID sugar and grain carbohydrates
  2. Exercise
    • One study showed that people who exercised were actually growing and expanding brain memory center 1-2% per year
    • Moderate intensity exercise 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes is very beneficial
  3. Play Brain Games
    • Need to challenge your brain with new and surprising information otherwise it will begin to deteriorate
    • Computer-based brain-training games can sharpen a range of skills from reading and comprehension to improved memorization.
    • Best to invest at least 20 minutes a day but no more than 5-7 minutes on a specific task
  4. Sleep
    • Sleep is known to enhance your memories
    • Sleeping only 4-6 hours can greatly impact your ability to think clearly the next day
  5. Mnemonic Devices
    • Can be a useful memory tool to help remember words, information or concepts since it organizes information into an easy-to-remember format
    • Useful methods are acronyms, visualizations, rhymes and/or chunking information
  6. Master a New Skill
    • Similar to playing brain games the stimulation of the neurological system may reverse functional decline
    • The key is to find an activity or skill that is mentally stimulating for you.
  7. Stop Multitasking
    • Ultimately multitasking can actually slow you which can make you prone to errors and forgetful
    • You need 8 seconds to commit something to memory

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your memory call us today for a free consultation with Dr. Miller!

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