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FAQs at Miller Spinal Health & Wellness Center

Questions? We’re here with answers. These are a few questions that we hear often:
Can you help me?

We’d like you to come in for a consultation and examination. This helps us identify and understand your problem as well as your health goals. Then, we can determine if you’ll benefit from chiropractic care.

If so, we’ll get started.

How long will treatment take?

The length of treatment depends partly on the nature of your problem and largely on your health goals. There are three stages of treatment, each satisfying a particular health goal: relief, recovery or wellness.

We suggest a treatment plan based on your health goal and you decide how it goes.

Will an adjustment hurt?

No. Most patients find immediate relief after the first adjustment itself. Sometimes in the beginning you may feel a little sore, similar to going to the gym and working out for the first time. But the soreness goes away and subsequent adjustments make you feel better. Many patients say they feel a sense of “relief” and leave feeling “refreshed.”

What is the popping or snapping I hear during an adjustment?

This is the sound of gas bubbles escaping when your joints are adjusted and it’s painless. If you’re still worried about the sound, please tell us and we will use a low-force instrument which is gentle and doesn’t have a sound.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes we do. However we find that insurance coverage is shrinking and your deductibles are getting larger. We won’t compromise on your health, irrespective of your insurance plan. We recommend an ideal treatment plan and inform you if any part of the plan is not covered by your insurance.

How much will treatment cost?

If you don’t have insurance or are not fully covered we offer cash plans. To learn more, give us a call so we can learn a little more about your goals to determine an estimate of care.

Do you do patient workshops?

Dr. Miller conducts countrywide webinars and talks in the community to educate people about Neurological Relief Centers Technique. We also have special workshops for targeted groups, like the PGA golf pros lecture tour.

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