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Miller Spinal Health & Wellness Center Services

At Miller Spinal Health & Wellness Center, we provide a comprehensive array of health-promoting services in one location for your convenience. Before we can accept you as a chiropractic patient, we will check for any contraindications for care.

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Miller adjusting patients backIn addition to providing hands-on adjusting with the Diversified Technique, we also use Activator Methods®. This approach uses a handheld instrument to provide a light force adjustment. Many people prefer this technique, as there’s no clicking or popping done. This method is ideal for seniors and children.

We can also adjust patients in a neutral plane without any twisting.

Cold Laser Therapy

This therapy uses low levels of light to reduce pain and inflammation, and accelerate healing.

Foot Levelers

As your feet are the foundation of your body, you want them to feel great. We design customized orthotics to address various foot conditions and provide support for your entire body.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression gently stretches the spine, taking pressure off the discs and nerves. The cycles of decompression, over a series of visits, promote oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids to the inside of the discs.

Nutritional Supplementation

Dr. Miller has a certificate in Advanced Clinical Nutrition that allows him to combine supplementation and nutrition together in a way that gives your body what it needs.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This technique uses a stainless steel instrument to effectively increase blood flow by breaking up muscle adhesions or chronic inflammation in injured soft tissues.

Manual Therapies

Exercise with patientThese include trigger point therapy, cupping and vibration therapy to promote healing.

Interferential Electro-Therapy

Using electric currents, this modality reduces swelling, relieves pain and more.

Therapeutic Exercises

We will provide customized therapeutic exercises to address your particular condition. These exercises can help prevent your problem from recurring.


This therapy relieves pain, stimulates blood flow and accelerates the healing process.

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